About Us

HackerU is a world-renowned provider of Cyber Security consulting, training, and technological solutions. With over 20 years of leadership in the Cyber Space as the official training provider for The State of Israel’s Cyber Security elite, HackerU has evolved to develop HackerU Global Education, the go-to partner for Cyber Education across the globe.

  • HackerU was created in 1996 with the goal of providing opportunity for individuals in Israel’s newly developing global economy. With a unique model aimed at upskilling and reskilling workers within Israel, HackerU began to fill the needs of the rapidly developing Start-Up Nation.
  • Along with Israel’s booming economy came a heightened need for top-notch national Cyber Security. Israel’s Cyber Security elite looked to HackerU to provide military-grade innovation and knowledge transfer.

  • Throughout the years, HackerU quickly became a leader in the Cyber Space. HackerU is Israel’s Premier Cyber Security Institute, providing cutting edge Cyber Security services, trainings, and technological solutions for governments, organizations and companies around the world.

  • Four years ago HackerU launched HackerU Global Education, a new initiative that provides industry-leading programs to students in the US, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. To date, HackerU has more than 20,000 graduates around the world and is growing rapidly.

  • Today, HackerU Global Education partners with Universities, Academic Institutions, and Entrepreneurs worldwide to provide students with hyper-focused, industry-driven Cyber Programs designed to reduce the global shortage of Cyber Experts and improve the livelihood of thousands of people every year.

Our Mission

Build the world’s Cyber Resilience by preparing the next generation of Cyber Security professionals.



We believe that expertise is gained via experience. We bring over 20 years of IT innovation and education to today’s students. Our programs empower the next generation of Cyber Security specialists with traditional technical theory, recent case studies, and hands-on training simulations.


We understand that knowledge is the driving force of the Cyber World. That’s why we continuously update our programs. Our hyper-focused programs are hand-crafted by Cyber Experts currently working in the field, guaranteeing our graduates with the most industry-ready knowledge and skills.


As Cyber Crime becomes an increasing threat across the globe, we feel it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation of Cyber Security professionals. We aim to grow the Cyber Defenders front and reduce the global shortage of Cyber Security experts.