HackerU takes its first steps in the “Teach A Man To F.I.S.H. Initiative”

HackerU is pleased to announce, on March 4th, 2021 an official application for accreditation was lodged with the Australian Qualifications and Skills Authority (ASQA)

The petition makes three arguments for accreditation, plus an independent review by experts.

  1. Industry Benefit & Industrial Demand - How Australian Industry can benefit from the proposed course.

  1. Unique To Australia’s Nationally Recognized Courses - This argument is meant to prove to regulators that there is no existing qualification, course, training package, or unit of competency that can achieve the same learning outcomes as what HackerU proposes in its course.

  1. Student Benefit & Demand - The petition uses existing internal data and 3rd party sources to make a 3-year enrollment projection. It also makes the argument that such a course is beneficial to the public, allows access, and promotes social mobility.

  1. Independent Expert Review - The petition is independently reviewed by experts. 2 of HackerU’s highest credentialed cybersecurity experts contributed to the technical argument. 3 Australian independent highly credentialed cybersecurity experts and 2 Australian Education compliance experts agreed with all three arguments of the petition.

To review the overview or the full petition, please download or click view on-sight below.

To download the petition overview PDF Click Here

To download the full 210-page petition PDF Click Here

Overview - Teach A Man To F.I.S.H.

Petition to Accredit