Empowering Your Students to Succeed In Today’s Digital Economy

HackerU Global Education

We enable Universities and Educational Institutions with a turnkey program that effectively prepares the next generation of Cyber Security professionals. With the most comprehensive programs created by industry experts, and a unique sales strategy designed to catapult absolute beginners to a career in Cyber Security, HackerU Global Education is the ultimate partner for industry-leading Cyber Education.

With the highest level of professional excellence, commitment, and determination, HackerU Global Education works with Universities and Educational Institutions to provide their students with a hyper-focused program that catapults graduates into the field of Cyber Security.

Global Qualifications

Our curriculum is designed for students to be fully prepared for Cyber Security jobs immediately after graduation. Throughout our programs, students will receive the training needed to pass the industry’s most essential certification exams.

Appropriate for Beginners

We’ve developed a dynamic curriculum that empowers absolute beginners to pivot careers and excel as a Cyber Security Professional. Students do not need to have a prior background in Information Technology to succeed in our programs.

"Real-Time Attack" Cyber Labs

Our programs feature unique simulation labs that fully prepare students for real-world situations. This immersive learning environment empowers HackerU graduates to be truly prepared for immediate employment.

Career Preparation

Our programs are designed by Israeli Cyber Experts currently working in the field with the goal of funneling workforce-ready Cyber Professionals. As we continue to fill in the workforce gap, we work closely with companies to directly fill their employment needs.

Give Your Students The Code To Success